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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stay-at-Home Dads

I recently received this e-mail and permission to share it on the blog:

Hi Carol,
> I love Birmingham Parent magazine! I saw in your most recent issue the
> article about Organized Playgroups. There are so many options out there for
> stay-at-home moms, but what about stay-at-home dads? My husband is a new
> stay-at-home dad to our almost 8-month old daughter. We've been keeping on
> eye out for a dads group - or just a general playgroup open to either
> parent. Have you heard of any such groups? It would be great to see an
> article about stay-at-home dads and how they can get involved in a future
> issue of Birmingham Parent!
> Thanks!
> Erika Cagle


Anonymous said...

There should be a nationwide site that you can look up your location and find one. Well, I have the ideas at least.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sometimes it's a little awkward to be the only dude among a whole bunch of women... it makes you feel weird and it makes the women feel weird.

I find some of the best ways is to hang out where dad's usually take their kids - the usual places like the park, basketball courts, playgrounds - stuff that's easy.

Once I got a group of guys together, we organized it on Qlubb (some free site so that we could all communicate without having to phone each other (cause guys don't like to call and talk). But once we organized stuff and get together in person it's fun and the kids love it.

Legion3000 said...

i'm another "stay at home Dad" although I really resent that label. I may be staying at home most days but that is because my work is flexible enough to do from home most days.

I know exactly what you mean about the mom groups. You really feel like a rooster in a hen house. But what is the absolute worst is when you are out with you child, in my case a daughter, and a group of ladies asks you if you are "keeping" her for the day. Grrr. As if only women can take care of kids.