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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


By Guest Blogger Tina Kay Hughes I heard a Hewlett-Packard commercial that said, “It’s something you are born with that lives inside of you and inspires the things you choose to do. Things that may not always change the world in a big way, but can change in a million little ways. You do what you do because it matters to you; to dream, to learn, to create, to work. If you are going to do something, make it matter!” This was so profound to me because it actually issues a challenge to each of us to initiate or start doing something small in our lives that will turn into something big over time because we’ve shared our lives with so many along the way. We are all looking for something to do that will allow us to brag about that one big thing in our lives that we’ve conquered. If you think about it, we want to become somebody, to get something, to go some where, and what we call making it on our own terms. However, the sad truth is many of us miss the mark and never accomplish some big feat that makes us shine like new money. What does it mean to make it, if you have not helped others along the way? What does it mean to make it if you’ve made no difference in the lives of the people that pass through your life? How long do we wait to make a big difference, just waiting for that one chance to show and prove your self to the masses? Sometimes we have it all twisted. Stop trying to become this big figure with no substance! I’m sure that we all can seize quite a few moments in our lives but instead of making a small difference many times we sit back and wait to make a big difference to a few people in only one instance so that we can brag to others. This is indeed a selfish act, because you focus on self instead of others. For those of faith, God challenges us daily to become fishers of men/women. How do we change our mind set to believe "If I share my life with people along my journey, I would have shared much with as many people as I could possibly reach." God has set our lives up to be a light house upon a hill sharing our light so that those needing your light do not crash and burn as they try to make it to the shores to rest during this journey called life. People will be able to look at your life not for any perfections or accolades you’ve made, but for the times we were tried and tested, but did not give up. If we would just open up and stop waiting for the most opportune time to make a difference and try making small differences everyday, you will reach the masses in small increments. Just think about it, your life would have touched so many over the years of your life and you will be able to say that you have truly lived. And God will say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” Tina Kay Hughes is an inspirational speaker and was the cover model for Birmingham Parent's Sept. 2012 issue. contact her at or visit Photo by Amanda Traywick,

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