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Thursday, September 7, 2017

DIY Home Improvement Projects Your Family Can Do

DIY home improvement projects can be a good time for the whole family.  These projects usually involve some tools and materials and your hard work!  There are some people that don’t like the idea of do-it-yourself projects. However, they can save you money on labor as well as paying retail price for an item when you can make it much cheaper and to your exact sizing and preferences.  Not only will your home look comfortable, but you and your family can make it a group project and spend time together.

Take it Outdoors

DIY home improvement items can be ideal for inside or outside the house.  Building your own garden using wood as a base and filling in the center with soil is a great improvement, and your kids will love to help on this project. 

Usually, four posts are needed and chicken wire, or netting to keep birds and critters out of your garden.  Not only can your kids help build the garden, but they can also help plant and care for it. This can teach them to work with some basic tools, and learn the fundamentals of the garden and plant care.

Make it Yours

The living room or family room is where a lot of the action happens.  Movie nights, relaxing with friends and family, games, holiday parties, and many other events happen every day right in our living rooms.  We snuggle with our kids on the couch and enjoy one another’s company.

Living rooms should suit your needs as well as your taste.  It is a room everyone will see when they visit your home.  Choose your favorite color pallet or use warm colors for a homey feel.  Pallet signs or furniture can be created for a rustic and decorative touch.  Try a bench or sofa table that your kids can assist with.

Tackle the Coat Closet

Another great home improvement item that will help with organization is series of hooks mounted on trim or boards in your coat closet or entryway.  The kids can help paint the trim and top board using whatever color of your choosing. 

A set of lower hooks are perfect for the kid's backpacks, coats, and other items they have clustered by the door.  A board can be mounted several feet above the lower set with another set that adults can reach. 

This way everyone things are off the floor, organized, and mom is happy.  Not to mention the whole family worked together on a successful project.  Everyone wins!

Teaching the Importance of Safety

Completing DIY projects together can present an opportunity to teach some good lessons about safety.  The kids can learn how to handle certain tools, what eye protection and other protective gear to always wear and how to check to see if everything is organized and safely paced before starting. 

Speaking with the young ones about electrical and extension cords is also beneficial, so they don’t trip or play with the outlets.  These are lessons that can be applied the rest of their lives, and this is a fantastic chance to begin.

Do it yourself projects save money and are neat ways to bring the family together.  The kids will be delighted to help, especially with something that can be seen or used every day in your home. 

They can show it off to others and tell them that they helped make it.  DIY projects do require some tools, so remember to be safe.  These projects can be anything from frames, furniture, gardens, birdhouses, toys, and much more.  Try a few projects with your family and enjoy the results.

Bio: The DIY Hammer is the only place where Sarah shares her thoughts, knowledge, and ideas on DIY projects. You can learn about how to make your own projects and which materials are best on Sarah’s blog.

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